Best Fitness Tips


How to stay healthy? How to remain fit? What are the best fitness ways? Such questions revolve in our mind every day. Every one of you needs knowledge on what are the best fitness ways. Below we will mention some of the superb fitness ways that you can adopt:

  • Protect your neck

During exercise neck often gets injured. It might get a strain. So the rule is to keep the tongue up on the ceiling of your mouth so while performing crunches head remains in proper position and thus neck strain can be avoided

  • Weight workout to be timed

It is favorable to do weight workout for less than an hour because after an hour stress hormone is released.

  • Exercise in order

We should be careful in selecting the order of exercise. So the suggestion is to start with machines which require less effort and then go to the ones which need muscles more.

  • Test the bench

The comfortable bench is very important for exercise because hard ones can effect thoracic spine which causes malfunctioning of the arm.

  • Shoe selection

Shoes I believe are a very important choice in a workout. Firstly they need to be comfortable. Moreover while selecting the shoe, we should see that it is one inch longer than our toe. It should be wider than our foot.

  • Kill you excuse

Often people who have started to exercise would give excuses I was busy so couldn’t exercise you should not do so instead exercise for the minimum time you get say ten minutes. In this way, you will develop a regular habit of exercise.

  • Drink a pint

If you have started to exercise today or day before you need something to boost up. Supplements can cause an increase in muscles. On the other hand, a pint of chocolate can be helpful in a similar way without gaining muscle.

  • Overcome injuries build big arms

You can’t stop exercising with a minor injury. Suppose your right arm is injured continue with the left one. Resting one arm and exercising the other one give ten percent power to the injured one resulting in a speedy recovery.

  • Keep your stats

After a certain period of time say four weeks you need to measure your weight in kilograms, your waist in inches. You should know which workout is helping you maintain your body.

  • Stop taking pills

Research have shown that taking pills after exercising are harmful. They suppress muscle growth.So you should avoid pills or painkillers like Brufen etc.

  • Cut down the belly fat

Belly fat can be blown off by forcefully exhaling while exercising.

  • Heal faster

If you are sick, you should avoid exercise because workout would prolong your healing period.

  • Eat meat

While doing workouts, it is recommended to eat meat.

  • Dress

We should always keep simple white, black or gray colored dresses for workouts. In this way, we would save time every time selecting a shirt with pajama for a workout.

  • Save time in gym

We should rest lesser at the initial stage of our exercise whereas we can rest later when our body is more tried.