The First Lady Owes Her Beauty to This Secret Product That Gives Her Amazing Skin!

Melania Trump Beauty Tips and Radiant Skin

The former model and the current first lady of the United States of America really has always lead a very luxurious life, that most can only fantasize about. As a first lady now and formerly a Jewelry line owner and a model she has always been busy. A lot has changed for her, but one thing has remained the same and that is her dedication to beauty and taking care of herself. She has a very signature classic beauty look that is very lady like, and she takes care of herself to keep looking radiant.

If you are interested in what tips and tricks she has up her sleeve to look as youthful and radiant as she does, then today we will be discussing her beauty regime with you.

Face and Skin Care Routine

Since she was a teenager, Melania has been persistent in taking care of her skin and attribut
es her mother to instilling in her that taking care of yourself comes foremost. She starts the morning off by using some vitamin C tonic and follows it up with an oxygen cream with vitamins A, C, and E, and this keeps the skin moisturized for the entire day.
Sleeping with makeup on is a big no for Melania, and she never sleeps without washing her face properly and removing every trace of makeup. She really believes in nurturing the skin at night.
Melania’s Favorite Products:

She doesn’t use one particular product, and she likes to mix things up to get the maximum benefit. She likes using Tammy Fender’s tonics, and she uses them with chamomile after she’s done taking her makeup off for the day for which she uses a Lancome eye makeup remover. She has sensitive skin, so she coordinates her skin care products accordingly.

Makeup and Beauty Secrets

Melania doesn’t like the sparkle on her face and has a very fresh face makeup look with warm contours added. One thing you will never see in her look is pale. She always opts for a look that makes her look tan, for which she uses beautiful warm tones. Melania normally goes heavy on the eye instead of the lips, and eyes are her main focus, so she can be seen wearing soft smoky browns or any sophisticated smoky eye shadow on her eyes to bring out her steel blue eyes. Her favorite eye shadow for this purpose is a black MAC eyeshadow that can be made darker and blacker or lighter and grayer based on what she feels like.

As for the rest of the face, she likes wearing peachy or rosy blushes to give a fresh faced, radiant look. Since the focus is mostly on her eyes, she is rarely seen wearing a bold lip color as they would overpower the Smokey eyeshadow and goes for natural colored lips most of the time. For hair, she doesn’t have one favorite style and gets it done in whatever looks classy.

So these were some of Melania’s beauty tips. At the heart of it all she believes that taking care of your skin and self means that you can take care of others as well, and that’s why she takes care of herself so nicely. If you want a free trial of her products read more about the Melania Trump Skincare Company here!